Martin Schnitzer, Project Lead, IDEO

As a project lead I was always hesitant to make video a part of a client deliverable. I was afraid it would suck up resources and time. Working with Plus M has crushed these worries. They arrived with confidence, technical know how, experience and creativity. Their rapid understanding of our needs and the spirit of our efforts made the video come together effortlessly. Needless to say, our client was impressed beyond expectations. In my mind, video has become the most powerful tool to convey story, facts and emotion – a magic ingredient achievable with Plus M Productions.

Jered Lawson, Executive Director, Pie Ranch

The team from Plus M has just the right balance of technical and people skills, combined with an incredible sense of beauty for sound and images, that make for all the right ingredients to convey compelling stories. The way they ask questions in an interview, the way they write music, the way they focus their lens and then bring it all together was exactly what we needed to help share our story.  The results from the films have far exceeded our expectations.

Annie Burke, Deputy Director, Bay Area Open Space Council

What stands out for me when I think of Plus M Productions is their listening skills. Yes, they’re very talented at cinematography because they definitely have an eye for light, movement, and scenery. They are skilled at the sounds of film from creating their own original scores to incorporating the natural sounds of a place and the people. And they have the technical skills to package a film into something that can be used easily and quickly. When they’re done with a film, it’s ready to post and share and that makes my job so much easier. Above all this, though, they’re exceptional listeners. They dig down to the core issue and find a way to tell a story about it. They search for and find the really special aspect of the story which results in a film that is unique, compelling, and inspirational. Plus, they have high emotional intelligence which enables them to work with all kinds of people – rich, poor, old, young, urban, rural. They understand people. After working with Plus M Productions for several years, I have found that their ability to listen and their compassion for people enables them to make powerful films. I am honored to work with them, and continually amazed by what they create.

Matt Shaffer, Vice President, Marketing, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

Our objective was to improve our annual event experience to celebrate Zuckerberg San Francisco General, and in particular our recognition of public health heroes, and we keyed in on this: we wanted to elevate our storytelling through film. Andy and Robin were the perfect match for our needs. They were partners for us in the storytelling development with our heroes and their patients, they coordinated all of the location logistics and scheduling with our main characters, and they created three essential films that were the highlight of our event and have set the standard going forward for our Foundation to tell inspiring, impactful, and personal stories full of humanity, hope, and heroism.

Jim Cook, Executive Director, Western National Parks Association

Plus M has become our “go to” partners for high quality video productions. In each case that we have engaged the services of Plus M, they skillfully and adeptly worked with us and brought great results. No question that we would recommend this great team for any project. They are talented story tellers, wonderful photographers & musicians, and fun to work with. They became personally engaged in our mission and that of the parks. What more could you ask for?

Brie Mazurek, Marketing & Communications Manager, CUESA

Our whole staff loved working with Plus M. They instantly “got” our organization and mission, and created a beautiful video that communicates the stories and spirit of our work. They were excellent listeners and collaborators, bringing creative ideas and solutions each step of the way. They were organized, stayed on budget and on schedule, and were fun to work with. Thank you, Plus M!

Tobin Booth, CEO, Blue Oak Energy

Plus M Productions does an amazing job in crafting the story, teasing out the important details, and putting it all together in a memorable format. What they do is much more than video production. They are storytellers and artists with a real concern for presenting a visual story. We would definitely recommend Plus M Productions and we look forward to working with them again!

Jarratt Moody, Director, The First 70

Plus M Productions is largely responsible for crafting our mountains of footage into a structured and effective story and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are a pleasure to work with and they go above and beyond at every opportunity. They did a fantastic job on every aspect of our film including editing, music, sound design, and color correction. Plus M Productions offers solid and efficient editorial skills and great creative input.

Kari Fox, Streetside Stories

I truly cannot say enough great things about Plus M Productions. They were prompt, easy to work with, and produce absolutely incredible films. I especially appreciated their easy-going nature with the students and parents of our small non-profit organization. They were straightforward and honest about their expectations, and have a great way of putting people at ease. Their excellent communication skills made me feel confident throughout the process that they would produce a well-polished video for us, and they delivered a great final draft on time.  I give them my highest recommendation!

Eben Weiss, BikeSnobNYC

First, Plus M Productions came up with a great concept and wrote an excellent script.  Then, they swooped into New York City like a SEAL Team Six, and despite the cross country flight and the tight shooting schedule they pulled it off without a hitch and with time to spare.  Working with them was a pleasure, and they absolutely nailed it with the finished product.  Thanks guys!

Gwendolyn Tornatore, Public Relations Manager, NatureBridge

Plus M has talents so few posses. They look into the heart of each story to create a finished product that strikes the perfect chord; with stunning visuals, compelling interviews and a customized musical score.  Securing footage for NatureBridge was no easy task, as they had to trek through forests, up mountains and along rivers to film our students. They were incredibly sensitive when it came to our programs, kids, teachers and educators. Many didn’t even know they were there, and not once were our programs disrupted. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the footage they’ve captured, and the videos they’ve produced for NatureBridge are absolutely amazing. We look forward to our continued work with Plus M!

Albee Dalbotten, Associate Marketing Director, Chronicle Books

Working with Plus M was amazing! Talk about smart, creative and efficient. We were thrilled with their quick understanding of our project and right-on suggestions and ideas.  They were great to work with – responsive, resourceful and proactive – and the video came together smoothly.  In the end, what they delivered was even better than we expected. The video was funny, well-edited and beautifully shot. We ended up with the perfect video to launch BikeSnobNYC’s second book.  Thanks to plus M!

Juliana French-Arnold, Capo Cycling Apparel

Plus M has been absolutely fantastic (and fun!) to work with on the multiple film projects they’ve done for our company.  During the infancy and development of a project, they brought really fresh creativity and a strong knowledge-base about our brand and company.  On location and throughout the filming, their experienced direction brought ease to the people we interviewed and they were able to provoke interesting and engaging content.  The final video really captured the emotions, experiences and stories we were looking for and it has already proven to be a valuable asset for our brand.  I’m looking forward to working with Plus M Productions again!

Ian Gardiner, Digital Strategist, Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco

Plus M were an absolute pleasure to work with. They are talented filmmakers and have a knack for storytelling. We couldn’t be more happy with the video, and our supporters were thoroughly moved when watching it. We look forward to working with +M Productions again.