Ever pull up to the beach and see nothing but perfect spitting tubular waves? Ever put your wetsuit on and feel sorry for the seals who aren’t wearing such quality swimming outfits? Ever shred a wave so hard that you feel way bad for being so mean to it? Totally, right! Well, this movie is vaguely related to these things.
This is the incredible, life-changing story of two best friends that just met each other, who happen upon the perfectest, glassiest, going-offest day since April, 2015. With 5 hours of watching the surf cams complete, their fresh wetsuits snugly on, their Schroder Stix waxed up with plenty of ‘all temp’ and their Shisheids applied with laser precision, the boys hit the surf for a session few will remember and some might even forget.
Years of hydration, napping and pizza have laid the groundwork for these fearless warriors to take huge risks and give even huger high fives. With pure glory in their hearts and 37 potential instagram likes in their eyes, they go where few men have bothered going before.
Now kick back, grab an artisan cherry soda and get ready for… FRESH RUBBER!

Starring Tim Eddy & Taylor Carlton
A movie by Plus M Productions
Presented by Airblaster & FERAL wetsuits
Filmed on location at Squaw Valley USA
Shakas for da help:
Jack Hewitt
Eric Wallis
Hannah Eddy
Joe Giger
Ben Kalish

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