The reviews are in, some people besides ourselves think FRESH RUBBER! is funny (phew!). Check out some of the reviews below:


‘Since the water in California is still balmy September temps, Feral wetsuits had to send Tim Eddy and Taylor Carlton up to Squaw to do some product testing. The results were hilarious.’

‘Well worth the 7-plus minutes of watching, this one will leave you with a nice smile on your face. The board descriptions, the stretching, the body surfer and the overall vibe of this one has it as a frontrunner for funniest video on the internet this year (in terms of surfing humor that is).’

‘The snow-surf movement is alive and well on the Airblaster team. While the movement may be growing, there are few surfers who embody the radical nature like Tim Eddy and Taylor Carlton. Dedicated to the wave, the boys were out early to check the surf and get properly loosened up before slipping into the froth.’

‘Airblaster, a totally tubular company in its own right has teamed up with FERAL Wetsuits to paddle out into uncharted terrain and put the rudder to the rubber…. You know what we mean. Tim and Taylor are seasoned frozen watermen and they have no problem slashing white waves and getting springtime tubes in this extra surfy edit from Plus M Productions.’

‘I completely gag movie or rather half, but only riders ability there, riding the oyster. Beautiful as there is no sense of discomfort to its looks, has been showing off the surf-like riding.’

‘its shit like this that drives people to skiing’
Sory on YoBeat

‘Every once in a while, it’s important to take a long hard look in the mirror, and laugh at yourself. Surfing is a sport with it’s own language, and for the most part it’s taken for granted. We don’t think about how we might sound to outsiders. Take that language and apply it to another sport (like snowboarding) and it yields hilarious results. Case in point.’

‘And this is the first time that have can see the types neoprene suit in powder. If it finds it, they will create a fashion both funny …
Go one laughs five minutes Squaw Valley (California) for a little delirious parody.’

‘Two lucky friends managed to catch Squaw as it was absolutely firing! As they recall, the waves were just ever so glassy, so perfect, and it was just the day that went off the hardest since April 2015.’

Still haven’t seen FRESH RUBBER!??? Check it here:

FRESH RUBBER! from Plus M Productions on Vimeo.