Hi All,

First off, a huge thank you to all our contributors so far. We really appreciate your generosity. We feel that this project is critical in the fight against climate change, and your contribution will go a long way towards this common goal. As of Tuesday afternoon, we’re only at 11% of our funding goal, so we still need a lot of help. Please share our link with friends and family and encourage them to act now against coal expansion and all of its harmful impacts to human and environmental health and, of course, climate change.


Did everyone get a chance to catch some or all of Obama’s climate address today? We went into it with cautious optimism but were pleasantly surprised in the end. Particularly, the President’s plan to direct the EPA to cut carbon pollution from power plants, the nation’s largest source of climate change-inducing pollution, for the first time ever. You can watch a recap of his speech HERE.

But before you watch that video, watch this short excerpt we released this week from Momenta. In it, Author, Environmentalist and Founder of 350.org, Bill McKibben, discusses the Pacific Northwest’s critical role in the fight to combat climate change. Take a look:

Momenta has received some great press this week. We were honored to have featured articles on the home page of both GOOD and Snowboarder Mag. And got mentions in blogs Sightline Institute, SnowBoard Green, BikeSnobNYC amongst others. Also, today we are a Staff Pick on Kickstarter and we got shout outs from Protect Our Winters riders alliance athletes, Gretchen Bleiler and Nate Holland.

Today was a special day in the fight against climate change. Now, let’s use this momentum to make real strides against greenhouse gas emissions and towards a clean energy future.

Thank you!

The Momenta Team

ps. If you have ideas for how we can reach more concerned individuals and organizations, send us a message.