Hi All,

We hope everyone was able to stay cool on what turned out to be a record breaking weekend of heat. In Death Valley, California, the temperature reached 128° Fahrenheit and Las Vegas tied its all-time record yesterday when it hit 117°. Salt Lake City, UT had the hottest June day ever recorded at 105°….two days in a row. US Airways had to ground flights out of Phoenix on Saturday because the air density was too thin in the 115° heat. Wow.

With 8 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign, we need to turn up the heat on donations if we’re going to be successful. As of this update we’re just shy of 11,000. We’re hoping to reach 20,000 or above by Wednesday. Will you help us meet this milestone? Please share this link with your friends and family. It’s important that we join together to combat rising temperatures.


Momenta has seen great support in the last week from mountain communities who stand to lose a lot with just a slight increase in global temperature. Momenta was seen in Snowboarder Mag, Transworld Snow, Jones Snowboards, Now Snowboarding, Grind TV and Yo Beat. And don’t forget…. #coalkillssnow

We’ll update again on Wednesday. In the meantime, wear sunscreen, stay in the shade and please help us fund this important project.
Together, we can beat back big coal, fight climate change and transition towards a clean energy future.

Thank you!

Team Momenta